Curriculum - The Arts

Visual Arts

The visual Art program is quite varied with a broad range of mediums including palm leaf weaving, collage, paper clay, batik, pastel, charcoal, ink, acrylic and more! We explored the work of famous artists and also work with local artists in residence such as Emma Washer and Matt Macrae. We have a new art rooms on each campus with excellent facilities.


Our students have an opportunity to experience and learn multiple aspects of music ; playing the variety of instruments available, singing, song writing and dance.

Learning the fundamentals of music while honing their performance skills at many school and community events, culminating in the end of year concert.

When possible the students have access to workshops from the various bands and performers that visit the islands.

The multicultural diversity and Malay heritage also provide a variety of skills for the students to imerse themselves in.

Media studies

Media Studies is a vibrant and exciting program at Cocos Islands District High School which involves the year sevens and eights engaging in activities such as creating a local news program, ‘CKI News’ with digital video cameras and using a variety of skills and special effects in iMovie.

The students also learn about and practice various photographic skills and techniques in Photography lessons, using their skills to capture photographs of their beautiful tropical paradise. Photography students submit one or more photographs in the Chevron photographic competition each year.