About Us - Cocos Islands DHS

The Australian Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands consists of 27 small coral islands forming a typical horseshoe shaped atoll.  It is situated in the Indian Ocean at latitude 12.16 south, longitude 96.53 east, which puts the Islands on the same latitude as Darwin. Cocos (Keeling) Islands are approximately 2936 kilometres north west of Perth and approximately 2961 kilometres due west of Darwin. The nearest point on the mainland is Learmonth, 2149 kilometres away.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands School is a Level 5 District High with staff working across two campuses and servicing the educational needs of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands community.  The community consists of settlements on two of the atoll’s islands.  West Island residents are predominantly from mainland Australia and the school’s campus there operates a primary wing (K-6), and the Islands’ secondary facility (7-10).  All post compulsory students attend school on the mainland and parents have a strong desire to see their students achieve in their chosen course.  On Home Island, some eight kilometres across the lagoon, the school operates a primary campus (K-6) which caters for the predominantly Cocos Malay community.  Most  teachers live on West Island in Commonwealth Government housing and those with teaching responsibilities on Home Island make a daily return trip across the lagoon.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a unique environment; culturally, physically and educationally.  For approximately 80% of our students, English is an additional language (EAL).  Classes on the Home Island primary campus cater for the special language needs of the Cocos Malay students.  A strong cross-cultural commitment and use of EAL strategies are features of school programs on both campuses.

The school has developed a curriculum improvement plan which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the WA Curriculum and Assessment Outline.  The teachers have developed a set of beliefs about teaching, learning and assessment  that guides their collaborative  planning.